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The pellet mill equipment is the key part in your whole pellet production line. It is also a part that is easy to go wrong. Therefore, the maintaining of pellet mill equipment is of great importance.

The general maintenance of pellet mill equipments does not cost much. It is simply greasing, fastening the screws and bolts, gap adjustment, etc. But sometimes the operators neglect or are too lazy to do it, the pellet mill equipment will go wrong and cause damage. On such occasion, it will cost you 100 to several hundreds USD to repair the machine. What’s worst, the machine won’t be restored. Then how to maintain the pellet mill equipment and prolong its service life? Here Doing will tell you.

What affects the pelletization of pellet mill equipment?
    flat die pellet mill
    Flat die pellet mill equipment
When thorough maintenance of the equipment is assured, there are 3 factors that affect its pelletization: raw material moisture, clearance between roller and die, and compression ratio. In certain circumstances, these three factors interact. What should be confirmed first is proper compression ratio and roller clearance (based on specific raw material). The moisture is adjustable obtained via production experience.

The roller bearing of pellet mill equipment should be cleaned by gasoline or diesel at least every 30 days and at the same time added high-speed grease. During production, make sure no stones or scrap irons in the raw material to prevent damage to pellet mill equipment roller and die. When operate in winter, preheat the equipment for longer time till its temperature increases before producing, since the low temperature decreases its stability. This is good for its productivity increase and weariness decrease.

Everyone who buys pellet mill equipment wants to use it for as long as possible. So it’s very important to maintain the equipment regularly and follow instructions. Doing professional manufacturer sincerely hope every of our customers will enjoy the using of our biomass pellet mill equipments.