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Pellet mill

Pellet mill

Product introduction:

Pellet mills come in various different shapes and sizes, including small pellet mills (usually used in home or small factory) and large pellet mills(usually used in industrial production and animal feed plant).

For structure,it can be classified into flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill.Both flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill can pellet feed pellets and wood pellets.For feed pellet mill is mainly used for making animal feed pellets,the raw material is always corn, bean pulp, straw, grass, rice husk, alfalfa, wheat stalk, etc. Applicable industry: aquiculture, poultry feed making plant, stock farm, poultry farm, ect.

While for wood pellet mill is mainly used for animal house and indusrial biomass fuel.The material always is woodiness, straw, peanut shell, palm nut, coconut shell, cotton seed, bamboo dust, elephant grass, sugar cane, pulp, olive slag, organic manure and so on.Applicable industry:biomass fuel and animal factory.In addition,wood pellet production line including the dryer, the wood chipper, the hammer mill, the pellet mill, the cooler, the screener, the packing machine and so on.

Flat die pellet mill has following advantages:

  1. easy operation
  2. easy moving
  3. low maintaince cost
  4. high efficiency
  5. Small floor space, cost-saving

Ring die pellet mill has the features below:

  1. high production
  2. high durablity
  3. low noisy
  4. high forming rate
  5. no pollution and environment friendly
  6. wide application for various materials

No matter feed pellets and wood pellets ,the size and shape can be adjusted.For feed pellet,it is nice,frangrant and smooth.For wood pellets,the density is also can be adjusted,and the shape and size is for customers' need.

Wood machinery

Wood machinery

Product introduction:

Wood Chipper Machine also can be called wood slicing machine and wood chipper machine,belongs to the woodworking processing equipment, Mainly to meet the need of wood pulp for chemicals,and wood chips for milling wood pulp.

There are mainly drum wood chipper, disc wood chipper,straw crusher, high-efficiency wood crusher and wood chipping machine etc. The driving model could be electricity and diesel engine, it could be customized according to your local condition.

Here we mainly introduce two types wood chipper machine:Disc Wood Chipper and Drum Wood Chipper.

Following are the main features of Disc Wood Chipper:

  1. Adjustable power engine, optional conveying system and feeding style.
  2. Compact structure, reasonable design, easy to operate and maintain.
  3. Large chipping capacity, wood chips length can be freely adjusted.
  4. Wear-resisting materials for mat, high quality steels for dead knife and blades.

There are features of Drum Wood Chipper:

  1. Drum wood chip machine series work with advanced structure;
  2. produce high quality wood chips;
  3. widely applicantion range;
  4. easy operation;

The raw material for wood chipper machine could be logs, branches, coconut sheel, bean stem, slab, waste veneer, bamboo, cotton stalk and other non-wood fiber stems, etc. The diameter of wood logs can be 300mm or less before processed by the wood chipping machine. The size of finished wood chipps ia about 3-6mm. Wood chipping machine is the ideal chipping machine for the samll adn medium factories.Therefore it is widely used in wood chips production of the paper mill, particle board, fiber board factory, biomass wood pellet production line, electric power station, etc.

Working principle of wood chipper machine:

The machine integrate blade cutting and high-speed airflow impact with collision and double crushing functions.And at the same time it could manage to complete the micro-separation processing process.In the process of blades cutting, rotor produces high-speed airflow and rotates with the blade cutting direction.The material speed up in the flow and repeatedly impact.